Research Commerce Agri-Food Sector

RCSA Italia Srl comes from the experience in the Agri-Food sector, gained over the years, through passion and perseverance in multicultural contexts.
RCSA operates on the italian territory, promoting the craftsmanship of the products, far away from large retailers.
The quality of the product we choose it’s our priority.
Focus on excellence is our guarantee in order to offer products of high quality and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
Choosing to reserve their products only at selected stores,not making them inside the circuits of the large-scale, RCSA have been able to maintain high standards of quality.

RCSA Italia - Ricerca Agroalimentare


Made in Italy

Our production is rigorously Made in Italy.
Is not only a Brand, but a promise of Quality that we do not want to give up.
The knowledge of the territory and of each production phase, from the choice of the raw materials to packaging, guarantees the highest quality standards for our products.
On your table, only the excellence and the story of great italian names.