Research Consulting Agri-Food Sector

RCSA Italia Srl comes from the experience in the Agri-Food sector, gained over the years, through passion and perseverance in multicultural contexts.
RCSA operates on the italian territory, promoting the craftsmanship of the products, far away from large retailers.
The quality of the product we choose it’s our priority.
Focus on excellence is our guarantee in order to offer products of high quality and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

RCSA Italia - Ricerca Agroalimentare


Made in Italy

Our production is rigorously Made in Italy.
Is not only a Brand, but a promise of Quality that we do not want to give up.
The knowledge of the territory and of each production phase, from the choice of the raw materials to packaging, guarantees the highest quality standards for our products.
On your table, only the excellence and the story of great italian names.

Italian Taste

A rich variety of high quality dairy specialities which feature taste, quality and tradition of good italian food. Appreciated and consumed by those who love the authenticity, prepared according to traditional methods, directly from selected farms; which thanks to their intense and loving work bring on our table something special.

Parmesan Cheese
Maturation Over 30 months

It’s the richest of nutritional properties, the italian excellence, one of the symbols of Made in Italy gastronomy. Drier, more crumbly and grainy, has all the flavour, digestibility, authenticity and natural goodness that make this fine cheese unique. Ideal from childhood to old age and also for people who are intolerant to milk and its derivatives. Savour its inimitable flavour by serving with starter or in the preparation of main courses; combines with red wines of high body structure or white and desset wines.

Parmesan Cheese
Maturation Over 22 months

The aromas stand out and appears perfectly soluble, brittle and grainy. It acquires an unmistakeable aroma and flavour, and becomes an indispensable ingredient for delicious recipes. A cheese of the greatest quality. It’s a perfect match for most of the traditional italian pasta dishes and in the preparation of main courses with meat or fish.

Parmesan Cheese
Maturation Over 13 months

The cheese is still YOUNG. The inside mass is still soft. This product offers a rather pronounced milky base with aromatic notes. The flavour is in balance between sweet and tasty, with hints of milk. To bring out its delicate flavour, it is delicious with snacks and aperitifs.

La Caciotta

A classic and natural speciality, according to a traditional dairy process. A cheese with the genuine taste of the ancient artisan processing, with an outstanding quality and unique aroma. A little gem of goodness which finds a perfect place on the table every day. Perfect to accompany appetizing salads and any dish. It should be eaten grilled too.

Parmigiano Reggiano Cream

A taste cream cheese made exclusively with Parmigiano Reggiano; this product is licensed by the Consortium for the protecion of Parmigiano Reggiano, The characteristic and velvety taste make this cream particularly delicious and tempting. A high quality product to add taste and creamy texture to your dishes.

Parmigiano Reggiano Cream with Truffle

It’s made with high quality ingredients that are processed delicately in order to keep their aroma intact. An intense and fragrant cream, ideal for dressing risotto and short pasta, gnocchi, ravioli and tortelli. It can be used as a cream for filling crepes and vol-au-vent or as a base for original recipes.

Small Bread Roll

Mini breadsticks with small sesame seeds; are artisanal baked products, according to the tradition of the one-time recipes with selection of high quality flour, to get a neutral and fragrant flavour.
An easy single dose packaging, simple good and fragrant, you can't eat at any time of the day. Fanciful and crispy for tasty breaks or a nice idea to table combined with meats and cheeses.

Artisan Yogurts

9 delicious tastes: Natural, Apricot, Green Apple, Lemon, Kiwi, Cereals, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Coffee.
Ideal for a healthy breakfast or for a light snack, great for your desserts.

Gift Packages

Ready to be tasted, a gift always well appreciated, is a result of the long production tradition and its ties to the area of origin, a resource combining health and flavour.
A unique product, famous throughout the world.
Rich in nutrients, dry, brittle and grainy, and consequently has all the flavour, digestibility and natural goodness that make this fine cheese unique.


An elegant frame for promoting and spread RCSA brand products.
A filiform light line wooden chopping board for those who want an exclusive item also customizable with our logo, to invoke a territorial agricultural vocation.
Toothpick flag always useful to decorate your table.